Plotter / External alarm connection
  • Plotter / External alarm connection

Plotter / External alarm connection

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Your plotter can report to your phone

The alarm output of an external device, for example the plotter, is connected to the BoatSafeGuard.

By connecting the alarm input of the plotter to the BoatSafeGuard, the alarm can also be transmitted by older plotters via SMS.
Plotter alarms are amplified acoustically and can also be heard in the cabin.
When the cloud is active, the alarms are recorded and can be assigned in time and geography.


The plotter alarm can be displayed locally on the diplay like any BoatSafeGuard alarm and can be sounded with the built-in speaker, sent via SMS when absent and switched to the relays if desired.

Länge Anschlusskabel: 5 meters

Connection data

Potential-free, galvanically isolated connection via optocoupler
Input 3 to 30 volts DC