Tank sensor non-contact for plastic tank
  • Tank sensor non-contact for plastic tank

Tank sensor non-contact for plastic tank

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Flame sensor for the engine compartment or the absorber refrigerator, for example.

Länge Anschlusskabel: 5 meters

This sensor is mounted OUTSIDE the plastic tank, without drilling or breakthroughs, at the level of the desired alarm liquid level.

Thus, for example, black water, diesel or water tanks can be monitored without contact WITHOUT drilling into the tank.

Experience has shown that retrofitted sensor breakthroughs in diesel tanks and black water holding tanks very often sooner or later lead to the formation of odors, i.e. it stinks terribly, especially at hot temperatures. This sensor is simply Mounted OUTSIDE THE TANK and warns when the liquid inside the tank has reached this level.


- This sensor does NOT indicate level but only when the liquid reaches a certain level.

- This sensor works only with plastic tanks, not with steel or aluminum tanks.