Radar motion detection sensor
  • Radar motion detection sensor

Radar motion detection sensor

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Motion alarm in radar technology. An active sensor for the whole room.

Länge Anschlusskabel: 5 meters

Normally passive infrator detectors are used for motion detection. These are cheap but error-prone and work with increasing ambient temperature worse and worse until eventually no longer.

This motion detector works with radar technology. A weak 10 GHz signal is emitted and its echo is measured. If something moves in the room, the echo is slightly changed and the alarm is triggered.

The great advantage of radar technology is that it is an active sensor, i.e. it picks up the signal emitted by itself. This means that it works at any temperature and false alarms caused by sunlight, as is possible with IR sensors, are thus excluded.

The radiation even penetrates wooden furniture so that a burglary is noticed even without direct visual contact to the sensor.

The radiation is harmless to health, this technology is used in professional door openers in every department store.